Short film - Uno (2017)

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Uno poster final

In a celebration of multiculturalism dialogue will not be in any specific language. After all we are an Australian ensemble with multicultural backgrounds (none Mexican, Italian or American) making a film set in Mexico paying homage to an Italian director who worked with American actors to paint a Mexican picture. Grunts, sighs, nods and glances are the preferred language. The song itself contains Spanish, Italian, Mexican and English. Where dialogue is absolutely necessary it will be minimal and use words that are internationally recognisable.

Camera work - extreme close ups and long shots (where possible). This is not a 21st century reality show it’s the Sixties and you are Sergio Leone.

This film is a spoof of the work of Sergio Leone; in particular the final scene from his masterpiece ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’.

This film is set in a Mexican cantina at a time when men were Stupid and a woman had the power to manipulate a man’s feelings as easily as pouring a drink; life is cheap and gunplay could erupt at the drop of a hat. Or at the dropping of a note…